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Our team members are at the core of what makes Onyx Forge such a unique Creative Design & Build Studio. We’re proud of the diversity of our staff, with each member bringing their own set of skills to each project we work on. We encourage everyone to bring their creativity and put pride and ownership into every aspect of what is being created. 

Check out pictures of our amazing team at their finest!



As a veteran special makeup FX artist and creature designer, Steve has worked with Academy Award winners Stan Winston, Rick Baker and the legendary Dick Smith.

At the Stan Winston Studios, Steve was the lead concept designer, sculptor and painter behind one of Hollywood's most memorable creatures, "The Predator." From there, they say the rest is history.

Steve is one of the most respected make-up FX/creature designers in the movie business, and he keeps surprising the industry with his innovative designs. The character "Abe Sapien" for the movie Hellboy as well as the lead villains "Markus" and "William" in Underworld Evolution were hailed for its design and execution.

Steve's current work can be seen at gaming conventions all over the world in the exhibit booths of Blizzard, Riot, and Red 5 Studios, including a life-size bronze statue of Kerrigan outside the offices of Blizzard France.

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